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In 1977 Dave was hired by Industrial Asphalt/Vulcan Materials as a truck mechanic and then asphalt truck driver, quickly working his way up to asphalt and oil refinery truck dispatcher. In 1980 he was promoted to asphalt and seal coat material sales representative. In 1982 Dave left material sales for contracting and was hired by a small paving company in Glendale. Dave met Jim Bostick in 1985, when Jim asked Dave to join his team. Dave has been an estimator and project manager for J.B. BOSTICK since March of 1986. Dave has been an active member of WMA since 1986 serving as the Orange County Chapter Treasurer, panel speaker, seminar facilitator, and is currently the chairperson of the WMA Convention Planning Committee. He also serves as an advisor to the Manufactured Housing Educational Trust Board and serves as a member of the CMHI Board.

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