Special Bulletin

As a result of our work to ensure MHI is a part of the dialogue in Congress about affordable housing, MHI was invited to have a witness testify before the House Financial Services Subcommittee on Housing and Insurance at a hearing about barriers to the development of affordable housing.

On March 22nd, MHI Board of Directors Member Jayar Daily, Chief Operations Officer of American Homestar, participated at the hearing entitled “The Future of Housing in America: Government Regulations and the High Cost of Housing” on behalf of MHI. Four other witnesses testified including a witness on behalf of the National Association of Homebuilders and a witness on behalf of the National Multifamily Housing Council and the National Apartment Association. The purpose of the hearing was to focus on the various federal, state and local regulations that affect affordable housing development and gain insight on the ways in which federal, state, and local government policies should facilitate affordable housing development.

Mr. Daily provided testimony to the Subcommittee that focused on three key barriers impeding the growth of the manufactured housing market: financing, regulatory structure, and an outdated statutory framework. (To read Mr. Daily’s written testimony, click here).

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