Special Bulletin

The following item appeared as Item 4.07 on the agenda for consideration by the Butter County Board of Supervisors:

Request for Direction Regarding Residential Sprinklers Requirement in Mobile/Manufactured Homes – Beginning in 2008, Butte County Fire Department began enforcing the fire flow requirements of the 2007 California Fire Code in all residential occupancies, including mobile/manufactured homes and allowed residential sprinklers as mitigation to insufficient fire flow. In December 2010, the Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) issued a letter expressly exempting mobile and manufactured homes from the 2007 California Fire Code fire flow requirement to install residential sprinklers. These regulations can only be imposed to mobile/manufactured homes by local ordinance – action requested – PROVIDE DIRECTION TO STAFF.”

Subsequent to an appropriate discussion concerning the cost of the sprinkler systems, governments roll and a home owner’s right to choose safety measures, the Board voted unanimously to maintain the exemption for mobile and manufactured homes from the County’s fire sprinkler requirement. This exemption applies to the unincorporated areas of the County.


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