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Good News: 

SB 329, introduced by Senator Connie Leyva and sponsored by the California Manufactured Housing Institute, was signed by Governor Brown yesterday (October 12, 2017) and will become effective on January 01, 2018.

Quoting from the 02/15/2017 Senate fact sheet:

“Prospective homeowner and residents should have an opportunity to apply to state and local housing programs regardless of whether they seek to purchase a manufactured or traditional single-family home. To the extent that state and local programs fail to include manufactured housing, those programs may effectively prevent some applicants from purchasing an affordable manufactured home within their community. That lack of inclusion disproportionately impacts vulnerable populations, including low- and moderate income persons as well as seniors.”

SB329 adds the following to the Government Code:

65852.35.(a) Notwithstanding any other law, all state and local programs designed to facilitate home ownership or residence, including loan origination and repayment programs, down payment assistance, and tax credits, shall include manufactured housing, to the extent feasible.

(b) A California Housing Finance Agency loan program is deemed to comply with subdivision (a) if it includes manufactured housing in conformance with a government sponsored enterprise’s guidelines and California Housing Finance Agency’s lending partners’ guidelines.

Passage of this bill is another step in recognizing manufactured housing as a viable and high value resource in the effort to provide affordable housing in California. 

CMHI thanks Senator Leyva, her staff and all those who support her efforts to improve options for California families.

Click HERE to read SB 329.

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