Unlawful Acts

Special Bulletin

The California Health and Safety Code has specific sections which define Unlawful Acts. The purpose of this special Bulletin is to encourage your review of the following sections as they relate to your business.

Section Title
18059.5 Escrow and Sales Practices
18060 Business Operations
18060.5 Business Practices
18061 Advertising
18061.5 Unlawful Acts
18062 Unlawful Acts of a Dealer
18062.2 Unlawful Acts of a Dealer
18062.5 Coercion of a Dealer
18062.8 Unlawful Acts of a Manufacturer or Distributor
18063 Unlawful Acts of a Salesperson

California’s Health and Safety Code is available at leginfo.legislature.ca.gov
Click On Health and Safety Code – HSC – Proceed to sections.

Jess Maxcy

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