The mission of the Political Action Committee (PAC) is to develop programs and educational materials to help legislators understand the viability and cost advantages of factory constructed housing.

Housing California’s ever-growing population has become a serious challenge where opportunity and pitfalls exist side by side. There are innovative and affordable ways to meet this challenge, some of which invite legislative action. This will be especially true as legislators search for ways to correct California’s current home financing crisis.

When faced with legislative decisions affecting our industry and homeowners, we must help our legislators reach informed decisions. Decisions based on facts, not just perception.

A recent CMHI success was the passage of AB 379 which makes clear the process by which a manufactured home can be “Converted” into real property while protecting the security interest of all entities involved. Doing so clears up any ambiguity that may exist in the manufactured home industry and ensures that loans to consumers who purchase manufactured homes will continue to occur.

CMHI’s action or inaction in the legislative arena can and will have a long term impact on our ability to become a prime source of high quality, high-value housing for California’s families.

If you would like to contribute, download the CMHPAC 2017 Contribution Form and return it along with your check-in support of our industry’s future.

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