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We proudly represent all of the various divisions within the Manufactured Housing Industry.

The Team Behind The Scenes

Jess Maxcy, President of CMHI

Jess Maxcy

President, CMHI
President, CMHI Foundation

Jess Maxcy currently serves as President of the California Manufactured Housing Institute and Foundation and has been a board member continuously since 1982.

A graduate of Mount San Antonio College and California State University, Mr. Maxcy began his career in the manufactured housing industry in California in 1962. His extensive background ranges from Production Worker to Division Vice President to President/CEO of the California Manufactured Housing Institute. During Mr. Maxcy's 48 years in the industry, he has been instrumental in the development and promotion of manufactured housing. In addition to his industry background, he is a graduate of the Mortgage Banking Program at Cal-State University, San Bernardino.

Mr. Maxcy joined Redman Industries, a leading manufacturer of manufactured homes, in 1962. He has worked for Divco-Wayne Industries (Terra Cruiser in Downey) and Fleetwood Homes. He has managed manufactured housing factories in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, California, Arizona, Texas, Nebraska, Colorado, and Ohio.

Additionally, as Vice President of Redman Recreational Vehicles, he had responsibility for R.V. factories in California, Oregon, and Texas.

Jamie Perez, CMHI

Jamie Perez


Maria Castro

Membership Services
Administrative Assistant

CMHI Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Manufactured Housing Industry Leadership 

CMHI Executive Board


Advantage Homes
Todd Su

1st Vice Chair

Busch, Carr, McAdoo

Larz McAdoo

Developers/Community Owners

2nd Vice Chair

U.S. Financial Network. Inc.

Joe Tobey

Financial Services


DANKAT Industries
Ray Trosper


Clayton Housing Group, Inc.

John Brean


Manufactured Housing Insurance Services

Barry Cole

Financial Services

Membership Committee Chair

California Manufactured Housing Education
Vicky Derieg

Board of Directors

American Dream Homes
Robert Angel
BDF Law Group
Mark Blackman
Financial Services
Bessire and Casenhiser, Inc.
Keith Casenhiser
CAVCO Industries, Inc./ Fleetwood Homes
Michael Espinosa
Credit Human
Anthony Silcox
Financial Services
Home Quest
Shane Joffe
Ideal Manufactured Homes, Inc.
PJ Mikolajewski
J & H Asset Property Management
William Hanks
Developers/Community Owners
JB Bostick Co, Inc.
Dave Thomas
Monarch Home Sales
Elizabeth Alex
Skyline Champion Corporation/Silvercrest
Steve Harwood
SoCal Construction
Michael Lane
Triad Financial Services, Inc.
Shela Holley
Financial Services

A few CMHI Stats

Manufactured Housing Industry advocacy is a full-time job!

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