Fire Sprinklers

Special Bulletin

Special Bulletin 2023-09
Fire Sprinklers

The purpose of this Special Bulletin is to clarify the States Fire Sprinkler requirements in manufactured homes.

• Fire Sprinklers may only be required in manufactured homes where the local government has passed an ordinance requiring them in one and two-family dwellings. This includes in a mobilehome park where the local government is the enforcement agency ( has jurisdiction)!
• When fire sprinklers are required in manufactured homes, the systems must be installed pursuant to Title 25, Division 1, Chapter 3, Sub-Chapter 2, Article 2.5-Fire Sprinkler Systems. These current preemptive regulations for manufactured housing do not mandate the installation of fire sprinklers systems in all manufactured homes.
• I have received word that, after a review of the issue, HCD has concluded that pursuant to Health and Safety Code Section 18691 it does not have the authority to restrict local governments from requiring fire sprinklers provided they have passed an ordinance requiring them in all new single family homes and they have jurisdiction over the park where the home is to be installed.
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