Special Bulletin

CMHI Members, 

Attached is an article describing Eddy Newtons condition and search for a replacement home for the manufactured home he and his mother own. 

I have personally inspected Eddy’s current manufactured home and am convinced that it is unsafe and economically beyond repair. 

Mr. Newton has recently entered a five-year lease in Santiago Estates in Riverside. His household income would probably limit the possibility of tenancy in another park. Consequently, the plan is to remove his existing home, scrap it and replace it with a new home. 

The CMHI Foundation is conducting a fund-raising campaign to help Eddy and his mom purchase a new home. While Eddy’s friends have established a GoFundMe account, they have not raised enough money to remove and recycle his current home and purchase a new manufactured home. 

It is our foundation goal to make a direct contribution (not through GoFundMe) of $25,000 toward fulfilling Eddy and his mother’s need for a new home. 

Your Contribution will be greatly appreciated. Please make your tax deductible check out to the CMHI Foundation and mail it to: 

CMHI Foundation
1945 Chicago Ave Suite ‘B’ North
Riverside, Ca 92507 

Lets get Eddy in a new home for the new year!  

CMHI Foundation President,
Jess Maxcy

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